Welcome to my portfolio. I am Assistant Teaching Professor of Political Science at Drexel University. My research is on political parties and the politics of election reform in the United States. That work has appeared in American Politics Research, Electoral Studies, Representation, and SAGE Research Methods Cases. My book project proposes a general theory of electoral reform, then uses it to explain the spread and repeal of proportional representation (PR) in American cities, 1893-1962. Today, PR goes by the name of "multi-seat ranked-choice voting."

At Drexel, I teach American Government, Introduction to Political Science, and other courses on comparative institutions, state/local politics, and research methods. I also taught for Georgetown University and James Madison University's DC program.

My public engagement work includes the Scholars' Strategy Network, FairVote's committee of academic advisors, and reports projecting the racial effects of proportional and semi-proportional systems in local government. See this op-ed for a reflection on those roles.

Georgetown University granted my Ph.D. in July 2017. I was a Research Fellow at the Democracy Fund for the 2017-8 academic year. Before graduate school, I worked at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the Campaign Finance Institute, FairVote, two restaurants, and a congressional district office.