Welcome to my academic portfolio. I am Assistant Teaching Professor of Politics at Drexel University. I teach courses on political parties, political institutions, and research methodology.

I study change in the U.S. party system, how this reshapes institutions, and how those institutions affect representation. My forthcoming book proposes a 'shifting coalitions' theory of electoral reform, then analyzes a wave of ranked-ballot reforms in American cities during the Progressive Era and New Deal. Methodologically, I am a historical institutionalist who learns from and seeks collaboration with behavioralists.

Georgetown University granted my Ph.D. in July 2017. I was a Research Fellow at the Democracy Fund for the 2017-8 academic year. Before graduate school, I worked at the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the Campaign Finance Institute, FairVote (the Center for Voting and Democracy), Café Bonaparte, and a congressional district office in Waterbury (CT).

Recent research publications