I am a Substitute Lecturer of Political Science at Queens College, City University of New York. My interests include American political institutions and electoral systems. I also taught at Drexel University, James Madison University (in DC), and Georgetown University (where I earned my doctorate).

My first book, More Parties or No Parties (2022), sketched a realignment theory of electoral reform and analyzed the politics of 'proportional ranked-choice voting' in the Progressive and New Deal periods. This and related reforms were part of a wider movement for nonpartisan elections. I found that it fell out of favor due to a problem called vote leakage, which has not produced repeal in most other countries, and therefore suggested party-list systems instead.

My other projects have aimed to understand current developments in the U.S. party system, how voters and parties adapt to complex reforms, and those reforms' consequences for representation. Some of this work is ongoing. Otherwise it has appeared in American Politics Research, Electoral Studies, JEPOP, Public Opinion Quarterly, and Representation, among other journals.