I am a political scientist and author of More Parties or No Parties: The Politics of Electoral Reform in America (2022). This book laid out three types of electoral-system change, analyzed U.S. experience with the single transferable vote, 1915-62, and argued for a party-embracing reform approach instead.

My journal-length work looks at representation in local politics, current U.S. electoral reforms, and issues in the party coalitions.

I have taught at Queens College (CUNY), Drexel University, James Madison University (in DC), and Georgetown University. My favorite courses are Political Institutions, Urban Politics, Political Parties, and R programming. Other courses are listed in my vita.

My Ph.D. and M.A. are from Georgetown University, and my B.A. is from McGill University. My M.A. focused on democratic institutions and problems of democratization. My Ph.D. extended these interests to the study of U.S. political parties and, via my dissertation, urban politics.