Welcome to my portfolio. I am an Assistant Teaching Professor of Political Science at Drexel University. I study electoral systems, state/local politics, and political parties. My teaching includes online and face-to-face courses in American politics, comparative politics, political parties, urban politics, social movements, and research methods. I earned my Ph.D. at Georgetown University in July 2017.

Most of my work is on the politics of ranked-choice and proportional voting rules in the United States. Another strand of my research is on mass discontent with American democracy. Reform comes in waves, discontent varies with time, and understanding that relationship is one of my longer-term interests.

I also consult on democracy issues at home and abroad. This has included projecting the effects of district-based and proportional remedies on diversity in big-city government, building the sampling frame for a large-N survey of local election officials, analyzing the prospects for voting reform in British Columbia, and measuring Ukrainians' attitudes toward their country's electoral process.