Welcome to my digital portfolio. I am a DC-based political scientist and Research Fellow in the Democracy Fund Elections Program. Broadly speaking, I am a parties-and-elections scholar whose research has three threads:

  1. Using new methods to revive and inform an old debate about the merits of proportional voting in the United States;
  2. Answering practical questions about elections so that policymakers can think about reform with fuller information;
  3. Analyzing change in the party coalitions, at the state and national levels alike, to better understand where our politics are going.

I have taught courses in American, urban, and comparative politics, as well as American economic history. You can find my writing in American Politics Research, Electoral Studies, the National Civic Review, SAGE Research Methods Cases (forthcoming), and several popular outlets. Georgetown University granted my Ph.D. in July 2017. Prior to graduate school, I worked for IFES (2008-10), the Campaign Finance Institute (Summer 2008), and FairVote (2005-7).